BlabberJax for Startups

BlabberJax for Startups
Starting a business is never easy. Trying to start a business and an internet presence at the same time could be even harder. Learn why working with us could be the smartest decision you make when it comes to getting started on the right foot.

Leveraging BlabberJax to Kick-off Your Startup

BlabberJax Content Management System is an easy to use web authoring tool which empowers you with many features to help build your brand awareness,simplify website updates, increase traffic, and have peace of mind.

Time-Strapped Small Businesses & Start-ups

As a small business owner, time is the one commodity which we have the least of. Between the day-to-day tasks of running a business, it can quickly become very difficult to find the time to do anything which doesn't feel like the top priority at that moment. That's why BlabberJax empowers you with control of your website, allowing you to make quick updates from anywhere in the world. Whether that' s between back-to-back meetings, in the train on the way home, or at night while enjoying your favorite cup of tea. With BlabberJax CMS, the control is in your hands.

Building Brand Recognition

With social media giants popping up seemingly overnight, and the huge increase in smart phones over the last few years, there has never been a better time than now to get your brand in front of customers everywhere they go. With BlabberJax you can engage your customers right on your website with personalized calls-to-action and web 2.0 interactions like comments and tags.

Increase Traffic & Increase Your Bottom Line

Many small business owners don't see the potential impact which a professional website can have on their bottom line. Some don't create a website at all, others let friends of friends, nephews and/or their children create their site, thinking that the only thing that is needed is the site itself. The truth of the matter is, if search engines can't find your site, and you don't place near the top of the search results, a website may not help grow your business. But with effective key word strategies, search engine friendly urls, RSS feeds, and other standard features of BlabberJax, your website has the potential to be your #1 salesman.

We're Here for You

All BlabberJax products come with:

  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Automated Monitoring & Logging
  • Bug-Free Guarantee*