Content Marketing System

Content Marketing System
Built from the ground up specifically for your business to attract and close new customers, packaged up in an elegant and easy-to-use platform.

Drive Revenue for Your Business from Your Website with BlabberJax

Turn traffic into revenue by building the right internet presence.

BlabberJax Content Management System a CMS That Actually Simplifies Managing Content and Your Website


Create content that your users and search engines will love!  Use BlabberJaxTM Content Planner to develop your content schedule, manage and approve content as it's developed, and then automatically publish it across your website and key social media channels.


Convert your website visitors with BlabberJaxTM Engage.  Build dynamic calls to action that convert more leads and automatically sync their information with CRM and email marketing platforms.


Learn what generates sales, and cut what doesn't.  Popular analytics software is built right in so you can get a quick read on your most important campaigns without leaving your site.  Plus, with BlabberJaxTM Contacts, you can gain visibility into individual sales lead's interests to convert them into sales faster.

Increase leads and increase sales with the CEOTM Framework

No matter how great your content is, if you don't have the right strategy you won't generate new leads for your business.  Unlock your business' potential by combining our software, and framework with your knowledge and expertise.  

Create and share content of any kind from live streaming video to e-books and blog posts.  Then, add calls to action to turn visitors into customers, and measure your success with our analytics integrations.  With BlabberJaxTM CMS the power is in your hands.

Our CMS is Built to Sell - The CEO Framework And the Sales Funnel Unified

Creating content has never been more powerful

All BlabberJaxTM implementations come with:

Unique Design Just For Your Business 

Every new customer gets a free custom design for their website! Designs are mobile friendly and made just for you.

Design Sample Forward Focus Responsive Web Design

Forward Focus

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Design Sample Porters Cleaning Responsive Web Design

Porters Cleaning

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Design Sample Main Attractions Responsive Web Design

Main Attractions

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Design Sample Up And Away Responsive Web Design

Up and Away

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Update Your Site Content Easily

Making updates to your website's content is as easy as editing a document in your favorite word processor.

BlabberJax CMS Easy Content updates

Control Access & Users

With customizable users roles, user management is a breeze. With BlabberJaxTM, you have:

  • Manage users and create granular role-based security
  • Lock down access to pages, directories, and files of any format (pdf, video, etc)
  • Create private content that can only be access by role, special access code, validity date, or paid membership
  • Replace expensive membership software, and handle membership payments with PayPal integration
  • Create private portals for employees, vendors, business partners, and more!
Simple User and File Access Management

Generate More Leads with SEO Built In

BlabberJaxTM comes with many features you need to rank higher in search engines, like:

  • Segmented RSS feeds
  • Optimized XML sitemaps
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Super fast page loads with image optimization, CSS and JavaScript built in.
  • Redirect manager to handle any changing URLs
  • SEO aware website migration so you don't lose your current rankings.
SEO Ready Websites

Engage your prospects to build your funnel

Solicit feedback from your visitors by allowing them to comment, rate, or add tags to your site.  Use smart calls to action coupled with dynamic content to attract the right person with the right message.

Dynamic calls-to-action support conditions:

  • Keyword searches (from search engines or in-site)
  • Page URL
  • Browser (mobile or desktop)
  • Where the visitor came from (Referrer)

Forms support multiple actions simultaneously such as:

  • Subscribe/unsubscribe from email list
  • Add/update user to BlabberJaxTM Contacts
  • Add/update user to CRM system
  • Send templated emails or notifications
  • Remember user's information
  • Redirect user to content (i.e. free downloads)
  • Redirect user to PayPal for payment
Dynamic Calls to Action can be executed on multiple conditions




Optimize your conversions with analytics built in

From the dashboard you can easily see:

  • Visitor traffic for the last 30 days
  • Where traffic enters your site, and what keywords were used to get there
  • Where traffic is leaving your site, so you can cut or change the content that isn't working for you
Plus our business automation experts can integrate 3rd party software or custom build apps into your website portal to:
  • Run your business from your website
  • Reduce complexity (single UI, integrated systems)
  • Reduce structural costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Save time
  • Standardize processes
  • Run your business smarter
Integrated Analytics in Your Website

Built On a Platform Ready to Scale

All BlabberJax versions come with:

  • Unique website design
  • Create unlimited content
  • SEO built-in
  • Manage files & users
  • Separate test & production sites
  • 100% customizable platform
  • Custom apps & integrations
  • Scalable web hosting

Unlike other platforms, our plug-ins go beyond customizing your website, they help you run your business.

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