Loomly vs CoSchedule vs BlabberJax: Which One Is the Best Choice For You?

Loomly vs CoSchedule – which is the best content management system for your business? This comparison with BlabberJax will help you make a perfect choice.

Features of Leading CMS Compared

When it comes to content management systems (CMS), there are some great options to suit all budgets and all business types. Which is best for you will depend upon a variety of factors, and the choice can be baffling. 

One thing is for certain, though — if you don’t make the right selection, you’ll end up regretting it. You will probably also need to bust through your budget to correct a poor decision.

In this article, we compare two of the best-known CMS with BlabberJax.

Why you need CMS

Content management systems provide a way to manage content that is created by different people and teams in an organization. The software allows users to upload, edit, schedule, and publish content on websites, social media, email, etc.

The best CMS saves you time, keeps you organized, and ensures your content marketing stays on track toward your business goals.

Loomly vs. CoSchedule vs. BlabberJax: CMS features that make a real difference to your business

Before you make a decision about which CMS is best for you, it’s crucial to be certain which features are critical to your business (and, probably, to your sanity!). 

The tools that businesses use within CMS cover eight functionalities. Below we list these with a description to help you understand how they fit in with how your business operates. We also include an easy-to-read table that compares Loomly vs. CoSchedule vs. BlabberJax under each category of features.

1. Content management and team collaboration tools

The core of a CMS is in the way it helps you to create, coordinate, and publish engaging content. It’s crucial that your software is user-friendly and helps your team to collaborate throughout the content journey. You want an effortless way to collaborate with your team members on different projects, without having to send files back and forth or use email attachments.




  • Post & ad mockups

  • Approval workflow

  • Commenting system

  • Version logs

  • Centralized dashboard and calendar

  • Project management tools

  • Built-in editor

  • Import files functionality

  • Approval workflows (Only in Marketing Suite plan & up)

BlabberJax Content Planner allows stakeholders to:

  • Easily upload and create unlimited content

  • Preview posts

  • Approve or reject uploaded content

  • Request changes

  • Leave comments

2. Post scheduling and automated publishing

If you’ve been creating content and manually posting to your website and social media, you’ll know what a chore it can be. And massively time-consuming, too.

A great CMS will take this strain, and stress, away. Automated scheduling and posting will ensure you never miss a social media post again — saving you time and reducing anxiety, and ensuring that your content reaches your audience regularly.




  • Automated publishing for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Google My Business

  • Manual publishing (powered by reminders & the Loomly mobile apps) for Custom Channel, Snapchat & TikTok

  • Automated pushing for Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

  • Bulk social upload

  • Best time scheduling

  • Automated publishing on blogs and/or social media

BlabberJax Content Planner allows to:

  • Plan and schedule content for publication

  • Automatically publish to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

3. SEO built-in

Creating great content is essential, but if that content doesn’t attract your target audience, all the energy, time, and cost you have spent on it will be wasted. Therefore, search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial in inbound marketing campaigns.

SEO comprises on-page and off-page elements. Manual checking that these are included is a highly labor-intensive job, so you’ll benefit from a CMS with built-in SEO.






  • Segmented RSS feeds

  • Optimized XML sitemaps

  • SEO-friendly URLs

  • Super-fast page loads with image optimization, CSS and JavaScript built-in

  • Redirect manager to handle any changing URLs

  • SEO-aware website migration so you don’t lose your current rankings

4. Media management and storage

Fed up with losing files and images, or spending so much time looking for them, copying and pasting to publish? What you really need is CMS that will store all your content and make it easy to manage your media.




  • Photos, videos, notes, links & post templates

  • Video slideshows from multiple photos

  • Asset View

(Marketing Suite plan only)

  • Images, videos, etc.

  • Custom taxonomies

  • Historical changes via built-in version control

  • Secure file sharing across departments

BlabberJax Media Panel supports:

  • Images

  • Video

  • Links

  • Text files

5. Customer engagement

How will you engage your customers? How will you keep them engaged? How will you encourage people to take action on your post (such as to contact you, download an eBook, or subscribe to your newsletter?




Social engagement:

Community management system that allows responding to the messages, comments & reactions of followers on:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

Customer engagement:


Dynamic calls to action support conditions:

  • Keyword searches (from search engines or in-site)

  • Page URL

  • Browser (mobile or desktop)

  • Where the visitor came from (Referrer)

Forms support multiple actions simultaneously such as:

  • Subscribe/unsubscribe from the email list

  • Add/update user to BlabberJaxTM Contacts

  • Add/update user to CRM system

  • Send templated emails or notifications

  • Remember the user's information

  • Redirect user to content (i.e. free downloads)

  • Redirect user to PayPal for payment

6. User management and access control

How many of your team will be using your CMS? What access and control do you want each team member to have? You’ll need your CMS to give you the ability to control who sees what, what functions each person has, and which content they produce, edit, and publish.






  • Manage users and create granular role-based security

  • Lockdown access to pages, directories, and files of any format (pdf, video, etc.)

  • Create private content that can only be accessed by role, special access code, validity date, or paid membership

  • Replace expensive membership software, and handle membership payments with PayPal integration

  • Create private portals for employees, vendors, business partners, and more.

7. Built-in reports and analytics

To measure your success, your CMS should be capable of producing reports with meaningful metrics — and analyzing those metrics for you. This will help you develop content that attracts and engages.




  • Account, post & URL metrics

  • Data filtering & period comparison

  • Analytics for all posts (not only those published via Loomly)

  • Social campaign reports

  • Social media performance report (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest)

  • Visitor traffic for the last 30 days

  • Where does traffic enter your site, and what keywords were used to get there

  • Where traffic is leaving your site, so you can cut or change the content that isn't working for you

8. Apps and integrations

What apps, social media, and websites does your business publish to? What project management tools does it use? Wouldn’t it be ideal if your CMS could integrate with the business tools that matter in your organization — and isn’t this critical for truly effective automation?




  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn for Business

  • Meta for Business

  • Slack

  • Twitter

  • Zapier

  • Google Analytics 360

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn for Business

  • Mailchimp

  • Meta for Business

  • Twitter

  • WordPress

  • Zapier

Custom apps and integrations:

  • Google Analytics

  • WordPress

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter

  • And more.

Book your free trial with BlabberJax today

The best CMS helps you manage, organize, and store content. It helps your team brainstorm ideas, and create blog articles and social media posts. It saves you time and money, improves team collaboration, and helps you manage your content marketing campaigns seamlessly. It should also improve the quality of monitoring and measuring your marketing success.

To learn more about the BlabberJax CMS – including pricing and the comprehensive training and support we provide — book a live demo of BlabberJax in action.

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