Where Is the Real Marketing Juice for Today’s Coaching and Consultancy Businesses?

Content marketing strategies are essential for consultants and coaches in the modern world. If you are not content marketing, you are losing out to your competition.

If you are not content marketing, you’re losing out to your competition

The business of marketing your business has changed dramatically in the last few years. Thanks to the internet revolution, consumers are more likely to search for products and services that satisfy their needs and desires. For consultants and coaches, this means that successful marketing strategies have shifted from pushing services to pulling in prospective clients.

Content marketing is a game changer

The marketing juice available from online and digital activities is a game changer, especially for businesses that rely on local customers. For example, HubSpot’s ultimate list of marketing statistics for 2018 highlights that:

  • According to WordStream, 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles
  • In 2016, Google reported that 28% of searches for something locally resulted in a purchase
  • Google also reports that three in 10 of all mobile searches relate to a location

Only 30 years ago, prospective clients had to flick through the pages of a phone book and then call you for you to explain your services and begin the sales process. Today, those same clients can learn everything they need to know from an online search. If your website and content aren’t pulling in prospective clients and telling them what they want to know, you’ll lose out to your competition.

As an executive coach, consultant, or HR trainer, it’s clear that if you can capture your target audience online, the potential to grow your contact list and convert these into paying clients is immense. The question is how to get people who are interested in your services to find you online.

Content marketing creates momentum

Research carried out by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and published in its 2018 B2B Content Market Trends Report provides extensive evidence of where digital marketing is providing the best results.

Companies that use content marketing strategies (and that is 91% of those who responded to the CMI survey) are mostly engaged in building audiences to whom they can market their products and services. Only 4% reported that their content marketing was less successful than the previous year, with almost two-thirds reporting greater success.

Where the most successful content marketers concentrate their efforts

When developing a digital content marketing strategy, it pays to know what the top performers are so you can concentrate your efforts on these. Of the most successful content marketers, CMI found the following factors contributed most to content marketing success:

Content creation, with emphasis on quality


Development of a content marketing strategy


Content distribution (what works and targeting)


Prioritising content marketing



And the formats that these successful content marketers use to distribute their content?



Most effective




Social media







Content marketing meets your number one challenge

The number one challenge cited by business owners is getting highly qualified leads. Content marketing overcomes this challenge, as the people consuming your content are those who are searching for the services and products you provide. Here are several things you should do to join the successful businesses already profiting from effective content marketing:

  • Create quality content
  • Distribute through appropriate channels to build an audience
  • Market your products and services to that audience
  • Use techniques to target local clients, and benefit from the high proportion of people who search for something locally and then make a purchase

In short, if you are not content marketing as a coach, consultant, or HR trainer, you are not connecting best with your target audience nor maximising your potential.

In the next four posts in this series, we’ll look at these factors in turn as we discuss:

  • Why quality content is essential for coaching and consultancy businesses
  • Why email is the ‘new’ big thing for serious HR trainers
  • Why coaches must prioritise social media in their marketing strategy
  • Why image SEO is essential for your consultancy business marketing strategy

In the meantime, for a free internet presence management quote simply contact BlabberJax today.

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