Figuring out If Email Marketing is Right for Your Marketing Strategy

Wondering if email marketing is right for your business? We discuss the disadvantages and the advantages of email marketing. Read further to find out!

Can you count the number of times you’ve checked your email today? According to Statista, 39.1% of people check theirs at a minimum of 1-3 times a day (only 1.6% said they never do). That stat is evidence that, while social media platforms and messaging apps have come and gone, email platform usage has been constant throughout the years. It’s the reason that many businesses in 2016 still choose to use email marketing as a primary part of their marketing strategy. While it might seem like a perfect fit, you may want to consider the advantages and disadvantages of email marketing before jumping into it. Does it fit into your overall planning?

There can be drawbacks to using email marketing if you’re not careful. Issues like being accused of sending SPAM (sometimes even by subscribers), email service providers cracking down on what you can email, and getting blacklisted are common problems. However, these are easily unavoidable if one observes proper email marketing etiquette: write in transparent and SPAM filter-friendly language, appropriately space out your scheduling, and remove email addresses as soon as they are unsubscribed. Be aware of email service providers’ different SPAM policies concerning media and craft your emails according to a standard set of guidelines. That being said, it’s safe to say that these concerns weight lightly, when comparing the advantages and disadvantages of email marketing against each other...

Does your business need email marketing? Ask yourself these questions:

●        Are you interested in getting more leads, or converting more leads into sales?

●        Do you have frequent promotions that you want your customers to know about?

●        Does your business require a membership or subscription of some sort?

(like blogs/publications/newsletters/online Video channels/cause-based marketing/industry reports/news service)

●        Does your product require regular upgrades or features?

(like an app/platform/operating system)

If you’ve checked off “yes” to any one (or more) of the questions above, then email marketing will fit right into your strategy. You’ll be able to experience the advantages of email marketing in comparison to other tactics.

Email enjoys a 3% click rate on average, a 90% receive rate, and a high ROI ($38 for every $1 spent). All of these stats not only show email marketing’s potential effectiveness in an age of social media (in which many platforms now charge businesses to reach audiences), but exemplify yet another advantage of email marketing: its ease of measurability. Your business would also benefit from the fact that most platforms offer highly customizable targeting, allowing your contact lists to be segmented by any number of characteristics. One easy way to learn how to do this (and many of the other tips given above) is by subscribing to this series--you’ll experience firsthand why the disadvantages of email marketing are surpassed by the benefits! Fill out the form below to gain access now.

Leave a comment below on why you think your business may or not be perfect for email marketing.  I read every one.  

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