Know These 5 Types of Email Marketing Before You Begin a Campaign

You can’t start your email campaigns before getting familiar with these 5 types of email marketing you’ll be dealing with.

We’ve touched on the art of crafting the perfect email subject lines and three creative directions your email blasts can take to be successful. While you’ll keep those for reference later on, let’s take a look at what types of email marketing you’ll be applying your newfound skills to…


Set the tone for all future interactions with your subscribers by writing an awesome “Welcome” email. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure the first email they see promises future value and that they don’t regret handing over that email address. Whether your brand is an e-commerce one, a publication, newsletter, or a blog, this is the chance to put its culture on full display and give a little preview of what’s to come. Make it more than just a “confirmation” email!

New Content/Product Updates

Once your readers are in it for the long haul (post “Welcome” email), it’s time to keep them happy. Using your segmented email lists and the existing info collected on customer habits and likes, you can specifically tailor emails to groups (or even single users, if you’re willing to spend the money and manpower) to the preference of your subscribers. For remarketing purposes on an ecommerce site, this might involve restock alerts or promoting products directly related to previous purchases.

Newsletter/Subscription Roundup Emails

Is your brand a publisher? Then these email types are right up your alley. When you serve subscribers your content on a dedicated basis is up to you and what you serve them can take on different forms. An email summing up your latest or most clicked-on articles might be a good option for a monthly email, but so is one that sends daily updates, if your business necessitates that kind of constant contact (a specialized news service for traders, for example). If the type you need fits the former description, then a well designed HTML graphic that highlights the headline, featured image, and short summary is a great option for an email. 


Most ecommerce sites send these after you’ve either made a purchase, left something in your checkout, or were shopping for an item and triggered a remarketing email (technically, a “Welcome” email can also be classified as one of these, too). These types of emails take on more of a one-on-one tone with specific customers, instead of an email blast sent out to a subscriber list. Their click-through and open rates tend to be much higher due to their personalized nature.

Lead Nurturing

With these, you’ll be nudging subscribers to the next steps down the sales funnel. This will require software specifically dedicated to identifying what customers are interested in and what subscribers are clicking on. For instance, those who showed interest in a specific BBQ grill would be identified and selected for another email down the line that promoted a sale on grill parts, accessories, or maybe even other products from that one brand. The same idea applies in the case of a publication, but would cater to the types of articles or information the user is already interested in.


By now you should know which type of email your brand will find most useful. For info on the next steps you’ll be taking, subscribe to this series! Fill out the form below to gain access now.


How do you use each of these kinds of email campaigns?  Are there any that I missed?  Leave a comment below,  I read every one.  

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