What is more frightening than Halloween? Nearly half of small businesses are not using social media.

Learn How To Build A Community Of Raving Fans, Before They're All Spooked Away!

Entrepreneurs often make one huge mistake when going about their business strategies, and this mistake is that they wrongly assume that they can ensure a thriving business without any external support simply because they have a good product or offering. However, nothing great can happen without a little help from the community at large. You need to go out there and devise strategies to get the attention of the communities around you, turn them into your biggest fans, and then let them become your brand ambassadors for free! Here is how to use social media and how to establish an effective sales cycle for your business:

1.     Grab the attention of your audience

You need to create a buzz about all that you have in store for your target market. If the buzz is not there then nobody will listen. You also need to encourage your target market to get in touch with you whenever they have any questions regarding the service that you are providing. With the help of social media, you can provide as much information as you can and also drive traffic to your official website.

2.     Demonstrate how you wish to provide value

You can only develop trust with your clients by demonstrating to them that you have the required competence in the field and are knowledgeable about the needs and requirements of your customers. You can even consider offering them substantial discounts periodically so that more people can become attracted to your business and offering.

3.     Keep them engaged

The best way of converting your clients and making them into your biggest fans is to make sure that you keep them engaged. At this stage, you are no longer trying to make a sale. Rather, you are more focused on being alert and always wondering about how you can better assist your clients. This is also a chance to communicate to your customers that you understand them and their needs.

4.     Offer value

There is no limit to the amount of value you can offer to your clients. Once the initial rapport has been established, you can go on to introducing more offerings to them and making sure that enough trust is built for them to speak to you freely.

5.     Keep a track of your raving fans on social media

It is highly likely that if a customer is truly sold to your business, then they will speak highly of you on social media. And you might have many types of regular clients, some of them with influencer outreach. Use them on social media to create more awareness regarding your brand so that you have more customers flowing in.

Everyone knows how to use social media these days, particularly the influencers. When building a community, you should pay particular attention to people with a vast social network and who are known to have a significant presence on the social media sites.


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