The 3 Social Media Channels for B2B You Need to be Familiar With

These key 3 Social Media Channels for B2B are the platforms your business should focus investigate first.

If you’ve been keeping up with our series so far, then you’re well informed on what social media marketing is and the reach it can give your brand when done correctly (both paid and organically). Now it’s time you knew exactly which 3 social media channels for b2b your business should be focusing its efforts on...


As the only platform on this list specifically catering to businesses and business-related interactions, LinkedIn serves as the perfect communication and networking B2B tool. If your brand wishes to disseminate information, fill positions, assert its presence in the industry, or show off that juicy content the team has been building, this is the place to do so. You’ll be in the company of everyone from industry leaders, influencers, and C-level officers, to college students seeking internships. Content publishing, private messaging, communicating with receptive audiences, and gaining insight on the latest industry trends are some of the functions will be able to take advantage of. Note that while the advertising capabilities for this platform are highly specified (down to the industry and position),  LinkedIn charges a premium, as its user base is smaller and more likely to afford it. Consider LinkedIn the go-to for establishing b2b relationships, if you’ve nailed down the right strategies.


When it comes to micro-blogging, trending topics, news updates, and even customer service, Twitter must be mentioned as a top option. You’re able to connect to both businesses and customers via keywords and hashtags, joining in on the most relevant conversations concerning the industry you’re in. While Twitter does offer paid advertising (and analytics), successful usage comes down to properly spending the man hours to search out and engage the users, thought leaders, and conversations that most benefit your brand. You’re bound to see results if you follow the basic do’s and don’ts of Twitter...


Probably the least-sexiest of the social networks, Google+ is a must when it comes to businesses and b2b connections. Not only will constant activity help to anchor your rankings in search results (it’s direct connection to Google and Gmail make it the second largest of all the social platforms), but it will also do the same for any YouTube content your brand has produced. The video-publishing goliath is part of Google. Mix that fact in with functions like location services, reviews, and of course, search rankings, and you get the true value of G+ for any inquisitive customers or businesses looking to know more about your business. Follow the right steps and Google+ will be a boon to your business.


While you need not constrict yourself to just these three networks, these 3 social media channels for B2B are the perfect starting point.


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