The 15 Best Content Planning Tools to Streamline Your Marketing

Can your content marketing strategy be successful without using content planning tools? Here are the 15 best content planning tools on the market today.

How Many Content Marketing Planning Tools Do You Need?

Content planning is essential for successful content marketing. It’s crucial to deliver the content that attracts and engages your target audience and to stay consistent with content production and publishing. Whatever your goals, you won’t achieve them without consistency. You need content planning software.

Why your business needs content planning software

When you know what type of content your target audience desires, you can create content that will help you achieve your goals. This way, your business goals, and content goals will be aligned and work together. Content planning tools are essential because they:

  • Save time

By planning your content, and allotting content tasks, you’ll never be rushed to create and publish it. This saves time and ensures your content is of higher quality.

  • Help you to develop consistency

Planning allows you to develop consistent content on your blog and across all your content-sharing platforms. This way, your content delivery will remain consistent and help build your email list from scratch.

  • Help you to spot gaps in your delivery

With your content plan mapped out in front of you, it’s easier to spot gaps in it — for example, when content needs to be published to support your other marketing efforts, or if you are sending too many marketing emails. A content planning tool will help ensure you never miss important opportunities.

  • Keep you on track

Whether a solo entrepreneur or a business with a marketing team, it’s crucial to remain on track. There will probably be several people involved in your content marketing strategy, and a content planning tool helps them to collaborate more effectively and remain focused.

5 of the best content planning tools for research

Software and apps that help you research should save time and money. The following tools will help you to identify keywords and topic ideas, spot gaps in competitors’ content that you can exploit, create high-ranking headlines, and more. These tools will provide a lot of depth to the research that you do, such as keyword competitiveness, search numbers, trending keywords, and relevant longtail keywords that will help you build out your latent sematic keyword reach.

5 of the best content planning tools for project management

Project management tools ensure that your content production stays on track. They will help your team collaborate throughout the content creation process, from brainstorming ideas to analyzing outcomes against your content marketing goals. They should also allow external expertise to collaborate with your team. Some of the best project management tools for content marketers are:

5 of the best content planning tools for planning, scheduling, and tracking

Large projects, across many media, can be complex to manage. The best tools to work with more complex content marketing will help you break down projects into milestones and smaller tasks. You should look for tools that help you to plan, schedule, produce, publish, and track progress along the timeline of each project, as well as allow deep team collaboration. Favorite tools in this category include:

One content marketing tool to rule them all

Paraphrasing words from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings:

“One tool to rule them all,

One tool to find them,

One tool to bring them all,

and in the darkness bind them.”

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